In addition to teaching indigenous wisdom, Chief Amachi is a master practitioner and chief priest, creating rare spiritual powers, psychic abilities and potent rituals, from ancient traditional knowledge of Timm and Bukataa: Timm = traditional medicine, magic Bukataa = the spirits of protection and the world soul and spirit powers of the earth. He has assisted thousands of people in resolving many issues and develop spiritual powers including:

  • developing herbal formulas that create spiritual abilities
  • creating shrines and altars
  • providing initiations into spiritual powers
  • removal of obstacles to attain their highest aspirations
  • finding love and/or reuniting lost lovers
  • severing unhealthy relationships
  • saving marriages and/or improve quality of intimacy
  • healing physical and spiritual ailments
  • creating protection from harmful magic, envy and evil forces
  • creating abundance and wealth
  • acquiring new jobs and careers and/or attain career advancement
…and much more!

Chief Amachi is fully endorsed, blessed, and supported by the spiritual clans of Dagbon and ancient Spirits of the Wunonam (Gods of our ancestors in nature). He works diligently and tirelessly to fulfill his destiny as the Guardian of the African, and aboriginal sciences, providing spiritual assistance to people of all races and cultures, and supporting indigenous cultures across the globe. Chief Amachi is dedicated to opening gateways to spiritual dimensions where passionate aspirants may become initiated into deep esoteric teachings and indigenous wisdom to improve their lives and help others where they never thought possible.