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  • Are you having problems studying or remembering to help in classes, tests, exams? Or trying to help yourself to gain more wisdom better? This powerful and mind strengthening service along with its rituals is used to help boost your brain power and intelligence. This is good for students, teachers, and people in business or social gatherings. So they may be able to comprehend and understand better of what they see, read or hear. This also help sooth the mind to better bring out your more educational or perhaps intellectual skills.
  • A call will be made after the purchase of the product for the client to explain his issue with further details
  • The client has the opportunity to request further services from Chief Amachi. Of course a price will be discussed in correspondance with the issue at hand. Furthermore, additional fees may be applied during the performance of the service depending on additional herbs, oils, or any other products that will be requested by the spirits to fulfill your demand.
  • During every ritual, the client might be either on the phone or directly with Chief Amachi to participate. After completion, The client will be mailed (or given if close to Chief Amachi location) herbs, oils and procedures to use and perform for a fast results. Most of the time, the client will have dreams which will show him hints on how his work is acting on the subject(s). Feel free to communicate those to Chief Amachi for a quick briefing and explanation.
  • NO REFUND after purchase of the product. Feel free to contact Chief Amachi before making any purchase for more explanation.